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Dear library users!

We would like to tell you about our new foreign-language electronic resources!

The computers located in the reading hall of the the Window on America Center of our library enable you to access the databases of the International Virtual Library of the Information Service of the U.S. Department of State (eLibraryUSA).

This collection contains the following resources:

EBSCOHost, which provides access to the eight largest EBSCO databases, including the world's largest full-text database of scholarly journals. These include: Academic Search Premier; MasterFile Premier, a resource for public libraries containing over 2,000 full-text popular and scientific magazines; the English Language Learner Reference Center, a resource designed for middle/high school students who are learning English; Fuente Academica, which offers more than 450 scientific journals from Latin American countries; and other databases.

GALE GROUP, a set of resources that contain reference information on social, political, military, economic and environmental issues and all spheres of modern science.

EBRARY PUBLIC LIBRARY, a full-text collection of 20,000 books in English, and 35,000 books in Spanish and Portuguese. It covers a wide range of issues in sociology, psychology, history, political science, medicine, language and literature, philosophy and religion, education, business, science and more.

Encyclopedia BRITANNICA, which covers more than 75,000 different topics, including articles, maps, definitions, and statistics.

Encyclopedia BRITANNICA for children, which contains thousands of photos, videos, animation, and articles.

The entire virtual collection contains 21 databases.

You can use these information resources by clicking on http://vlib.interchange.at

For the password, please contact the librarian on duty in the foreign literature division.

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